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Meditation with mantras helps us to calm down and clear our mind – especially if we use a soundtrack based on regular loops matching natural rhythm of our breath. This is how all the compositions of ‘MeditatYO’ have been built. First there is an intro, about one minute long, supposed to help us steady our breath and position and enter the rhythm of meditation. Then for the next twenty minutes we keep listening to the same sixteen-seconds long fragment in multiple loops. We suggest a square breathing technique, where each of its four phases – inhale, hold, exhale and hold – lasts for exactly four seconds. The full breathing cycle lasts sixteen second – one full loop. Each composition ends with one-minute long outro supporting smooth exit from the meditation practice. All the compositions are based on the 432 Hz frequency for the sound A.
So sit down, take your meditative position, steady your breath and let the repeating rhythm guide your mind into the meditation mode. According to the frequency of the following chakras.