This is YO

Project Yo was created as a development of the idea contained in the book “Mantra of Silence”, which researching led the author to discover the presence of mantra in many traditions and religions around the world. At that time, together – the author of the book and the musicians – we tried to combine the ancient language of mantras with modern musical sound to fully reflect the energy and atmosphere of the mantric message. We keep working on it.

Jola Literska

Vocalist, composer, songwriter. She recorded five albums with mainly folk and poetry music. She singing a lot of concerts with etno music (inc. traditional silesian songs with modern arrange).

Jaroslaw Gibas

Vocalist and composer. The originator of YO and the traditional mantras seeker. He is a teacher and motorcyclist. Also author of a dozen books about spiritual and emotional intelligence.

The Yo crew:

Anna Kamieniak

Graphic designer. She designed the YO logo and rest of all visualization.

Michał Kopaniszyn

Director and cinematographer of the music video Maran ’atha Yo.

Dorota Mrowka

President of the Hinc Sapientia Foundation. Producer of the YO project.

The Yo producer:

Tathātā Institute is a imprint of The Hinc Sapientia Foundation whose goal is to publish books, CDs, digital music and more.
The Hinc Sapientia Foundation was established in May 2017. Its main goal is to raise awareness, promote a harmonious life and personal development – including the development of emotional and spiritual intelligence. As part of our statutory activities, we organize workshops and trainings, publish books and publish lectures and video training.