Mantras from 7 sides of the world

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Mantras are the heritage of all the cultures, traditions and religions of the world. It was thousands of years ago when our ancestors discovered the special power hidden in repeating magical formulas. On the one hand there is a bridge connecting mantra practitioners with a higher self, powers of the Universe, a spiritual source or God – whatever we could call the essence of this connection, its thread was always guiding through the core of human being. On the other hand, recitation of mantras helps us to calm our mind and quieten our thoughts becoming a gate to the soothing empty space, a pathway back to home, life-affirming prayer. All of these phenomena happen in the mindful presence as the only moment when we can return to the Source is the present moment. Please join me in this amazing journey through discovering mantras and their meaning in all the cultures of the world – without pointing which ones are stronger, more important or more recognized. They are all beautiful. They are all ours. Belonging to all of us.