Element: ether



This chakra is located at the throat level, in the middle of larynx, somewhere between the third and fifth cervical vertebrae. In Sanskrit Vishuddha means a special sacred activity which, combined with the chakra’s location, gives the effect of undiluted expression of Self, purified from any activity generated by our Ego. This is why it is believed that unhealthy diet and air pollution result in blocking Vishuddha.


Vishuddha is assigned to the element of Aether but also space. It symbolizes energy of seeking and expressing Truth. It is responsible for our internal communication with the Self within us. When the chakra is opened and unblocked all of our negative experiences turn into wisdom and knowledge. At the level of emotions blocked Vishuddha is caused by the sense of guilt which prevents the upwards flow of Kundalini energy. It is believed that this chakra connects heart and mind. When this connection is pure and unobstructed, our mind and heart merge into one spiritual energy.

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