Element: water



“Svadhisthana” means in Sanskrit ‘the place where the Self lives’. It is also called sacral chakra and considered to be associated with the element of Water, representing flow and flexibility. Chakra, as the second energetic centre in our body, is located in our underbelly, about three finger-widths below the navel at the line between scrotum and the crown chakra, near the middle of our body. Its energetic activity is directed forward, towards our underbelly. 


It represents sexual energy so it is considered to be associated with emotions like lust, desire and pleasure. It is also energetically responsible for our capacity of transformation, creativity and development. It is a centre of passion waking up our creative power. The lack of balance in this chakra causes emotional disorders and obsessive sexual thoughts. It is also accompanied by depression, excessive vulnerability and the fear of losing control.

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