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In Sanskrit Sahasrāra means ‘one thousand’, it is also being used to define infinity. Sahasrara, also known as the crown chakra, is visualized as the chakra of lotus flower with one thousand petals. It is located right at the top of our head, below the bregma at the joint of skull bones. Sahasrara is also considered as the gateway to the connection with Brahma (Brahmarandhra) and the Source of Divine Light. Its illumination clouds all the other sources of light as it contains all the vibrations of colors appearing at the end of chakramic path of spiritual development.


Opened Sahasrara chakra releases divine energy, stored in a meditator. From now on all the stressful negative thoughts are being replaced with constant feeling of gratefulness. The change begun by entering the spiritual path has just been completed and brought permanent peace of mind, acceptance and divine connection. We gain access to the insight into beyond-physical and beyond-material world. This chakra’s energy lets us become one with the Universe and overcome dualism as the illusion that brings only chaos and confusion. The sense of time and detachment disappear as we experience ultimate liberation.

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