Element: fire



In Sanskrit Manipura means “the City of Jewels” (sometimes translated as the ‘Natural Jewel of the City’) and is located above the navel, at the level of twelfth thoracic vertebra and first lumbar vertebra, right below the diaphragm. This chakra is associated with the Sun (especially sunrise) and the element of Fire. It is considered to be related to the pancreas, supporting digestion and regulating the blood sugar level. So Manipura, responsible for turning food into energy, is a major physical source of our power.


Manipura is considered as the centre of life dynamics, energy, willpower and achievements, radiating with its prana through the entire body. It is associated with the power of fire and digestion, the sense of sight and movement. It is believed that through Manipura meditation we can achieve the power to rescue, change or destroy the Earth. This chakra is considered to be connected with our ambition, perseverance and the will of winning. However if it lacks balance it brings jealousy, greed, aggression, violence, destruction and cruelty.

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