Element: air



In Sanskrit ‘Anahata’ means ‘unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten’. It is associated with the energy of the heart. Anahata is said to be located near the heart, right in the centre of our body. It is a place believed in many traditions to be a sacred one associated with divinity and possessing the largest potential of divine energy in the entire human body. Anahata is also assigned to the element of Air and described as the small flame located within our heart.


Anahata is believed to be a liminal chakra separating three lower chakras and their human features from the upper divine chakras. It is responsible for the ability of making decisions according to the higher ‘Self’ instead of emotions related to the ‘lower nature’. It is also connected with love and compassion, charity and mental well-being. When balanced it brings the feeling of love, compassion, self-acceptance, joy and connectedness with the whole world.

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