Element: light



In Sanskrit Ajna means ‘perception’ or ‘going beyond knowledge’. Located between our eyebrows, it is believed that its place is not related to any particular physical part of human body but to a major point of our pranic system. It is assigned to the element of Light and said to be responsible for intuition, insight, self-realization, inspiration and imagination. Ajna is also known as the ‘Third Eye Chakra’ as it gives us insight into our spiritual space and abilities going beyond traditional senses.


It is believed that stimulation of sixth chakra synchronizes both brain hemispheres so we could go beyond the dualistic thinking paradigm. Opening this chakra is necessary on one’s way to illumination, where dualities stop existing. Disability of this energetic centre leads to disorientation, lack of focus and depressive tendencies. Unobstructed open Ajna becomes the bridge between the physical and spiritual world, offering genuine and non-discursive insight into the internal and external world.

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